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There are a number of state and Federal restrictions on how we can support organizations and events, and our training and mission schedule must come first. By completely filling out and submitting a form or forms (as applicable) by the deadlines noted below, you greatly increase the chances that we will be able to assist you. Please keep in mind that if your event occurs during the work week it could conflict with the full-time employment of our National Guard members, so certain events may be difficult for us to support.

If you'd like to request National Guard participation or support for your organization or special event, please read below for specific information on how and where to make your request.  Unless otherwise noted, all required forms should be submitted to the Directorate of Military Support (see contact information below). We've included information on the most common examples of support that we may be able to provide, if requested:

Specific Requests:


This list is not all inclusive -- there may be other activities we could support if requested. If you don't find the answers you need here, or you have other questions, please call or email the Connecticut National Guard Directorate of Military Support.

Mail Requests to:
The Directorate of Military Support (J5)
Joint Force Headquarters
360 Broad St
Hartford, CT 06105  

(860) 524-4807