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Armory Rental, Training Site Rental and Equipment Lease

As an integral part of the communities in which they are located, National Guard units have a long tradition of providing support to certain civic and community-based organizations. In the past, under community relations guidance found in NGB PAM 360-5, DODI 5410-18, and DODI 5410-19, this support included the loan (without fee) of limited non-excess items such as generators, water trailers, flood lights, tents, cots, armory facilities, etc., for short periods of time to activities sponsored by such organizations.

With the passage of the 1998 Defense Authorization Act (Public Law 105-85, Section 1061(a), amended 10 USC 2667), equipment and material, must now be leased at fair market value, rather than loaned on a non-reimbursable basis. This law applies to state and local governments and to civic and community-based organizations - including those that traditionally have received no-fee support or services from the National Guard, such as the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Police Athletic League, YMCA, Civil Air Patrol, etc.

If an item is temporarily loaned to a federal activity (DoD or other executive agency), the item is loaned without fee. Any loan or lease of Connecticut National Guard facilities or equipment must be reviewed by the U.S. Property and Fiscal Officer for Connecticut as well as the Directorate of Military Support.

It is possible that the current restrictions on the loan or lease of facilities and equipment may be eased in the future, so we urge you to call us for the latest information. To discuss your request for facility or equipment support, please call the Connecticut National Guard Directorate of Military Support at 860-524-4807 or email at ng.ct.ctarng.mbx.joc-msgctr@mail.mil.