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Unit Marksmanship Training Coordinator Course Trains the Trainer 
RSP Soldiers provide assistance 
RSP Soldier receives instruction on how to properly fire a weapon in the prone-supported position.  
RSP Soldier, Pfc. Enrique Bello, recieves instruction on how to properly fire in the prone-supported position from Sgt. 1st Class Paul Bennett at ACAMDEMI firing range in Salem. Conn.
(Photo by Staff Sgt. Benjamin Simon JFHQ Public Affairs Office)
Staff Sgt. Benjamin Simon, JFHQ Public Affairs Office 
Sgt. First Class Jonathan Cuebas-Marrero is the Connecticut Army National Guard’s State Marksmanship Training Coordinator. As a subject matter expert on marksmanship training, part of his job consists of training new Unit Marksmanship Training Coordinators (UATC) for the state Guard’s battalions and companies. On Feb. 2, Cuebas-Marrero conducted a Unit Marksmanship Training Coordinator course at ACADEMI firing range in Salem, Conn. to instruct selected Soldiers on becoming their units’ UMTC’s.
Cuebas-Marrero’s UMTC training course consists of two phases. The first, teaches Soldiers how to instruct basic marksmanship fundamentals, utilizing electronic and non-electronic training aids. The second phase consists of range operations and live fire exercises.
To the benefit of Soldiers enrolled in Cuebas-Marrero’s course, RSP (Recruit Sustainment Program) Soldiers were available to provide assistance as training aids. Cuebas-Marrero said that the day benefitted everyone involved.
“Not only are the Soldiers enrolled in the course receiving valuable training on how to become their unit UMTC’s, but RSP Soldiers are receiving marksmanship training from experienced Soldiers,” he said. Pfc. Enrique Bello, from Torrington, Conn. is currently an RSP Soldier. He said the marksmanship training he received at the UMTC course is increasing his confidence. Upon completing IET training,
he will join the 250th Engineer Company.
“I didn’t realize how much I’d forgotten since basic,” he said. This training has reminded me how important marksmanship is.”
Sgt.1st Class John Kaminsky is enrolled in the UMTC course. He said it’s great that Soldiers from so many of the state’s units are involved.
“We all have so much experience from our years in service. It’s great to learn how to effectively coach and mentor while passing on knowledge to RSP Soldiers.
“It’s also great to be able to train at a range that is conveniently located and totally military friendly,” he said.
The owners and instructors at ACADEMI firing range are actually former members of the military.
ACADEMI instructor Chris Fleming said that he loves seeing the military train at ACADEMI.
“During Super Storm Sandy, it was fantastic to see Connecticut Guard Soldiers on TV, doing their jobs, knowing that we trained many of them here.”
Fleming said that he would love to see more Connecticut Guard Soldiers at ACADEMI, and hopes that they utilize the range more often in the future.
Cuebas-Marrero said the UMTC course is held annually, and that he is looking forward to more participation from Conn. guard units. The weekend was successful, he said. RSP Soldiers will get to their units with more training, and new Unit Marksmanship Training Coordinators will provide their units with the marksmanship subject matter expertise required to lead their units to success in future missions, he said.
For more information on the Unit Marksmanship Training Coordinator course, contact Sgt. First Class Cuebas-Marrero: jonathan.cuebasmarrero.mil@mail.mil