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Testing Information 

Who Can Test?
Military members, military spouses and DA civilian employees - are eligible for free DANTES and CLEP testing. Also, military members may be eligible for testing or reimbursement for ECE, ACT, SAT, GRE, GMAT, LSAT, Praxis, and many certification and licensure examinations. You can find more information about these testing opportunities at
http://www.dantes.doded.mil/ or by contacting the DCNG Education Officer at 202.685.9917.

Where can they test?
There is a Military testing site in the DCNG (JFHQ) where military members, DA civilians, and military spouses can test for free. There are also numerous national testing centers around the state (usually in colleges and universities) where CLEP tests are administered by electronic computer-based testing (eCBT). National Test Centers can be located using the
National Test Center Search Website.

There is a test scheduling fee of $15-$25 at National Test Centers, but the $55 cost per test is covered by DANTES. The advantages of eCBT testing include same-day scoring and better accessibility. 30 of the 44 CLEP tests are offered only through eCBT.

Are study guides available?
Study guides are available for every test that is administered through the Army education office. Many of these are now available online at
www.petersons.com/army . You may also view DANTES (DSST), Excelsior (ECE), and CLEP study guides by clicking on the links below:

What happens if I fail?
There is no penalty for failure of a CLEP, DSST, or ECE test other than you must wait 180 days before you retake the same test. There are 323 college hours that can be passed through testing, so this is a really great benefit that is often underutilized.

Test Prep Help

Be prepared! Your new test scores will cancel your prior test scores. This means if your scores go down you may lose your current qualifications. Don't let this happen! Study, Study, Study!