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151st RSG military decision making process 
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CAMP EDWARDS, Mass. – Soldiers from various units from the Massachusetts National Guard, assist the 151st Regional Support Groups Military Decision Making Process training by acting as ground forces for the Group staff to track June 16, 2011, while conducting training operations at the Battle Simulation Center on Camp Edwards, Mass. (U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Jerome Bishop, 65th Public Affairs Operations Center)
By Sgt. Jerome Bishop, 65th Public Affairs Operations Center 

Soldiers of the 151st Regional Support Group, Massachusetts Army National Guard, conducted battle drill training operations June 16th and 17th at Camp Edwards, Mass., as a part of the unit's military decision-making process.

Staff officers and senior non-commissioned officers studied and rehearsed how to conduct Forward Operating Base maintenance and command procedures during the exercise, which was emphasized by the use of the MDMP.

"The MDMP is a staff training tool … for your normal Soldier," said Lt. Col. Edward J. Hack, a Shrewsbury, Mass., native who serves as the 151st RSG intelligence/operations officer. "There's a training plan for privates, for sergeants, for high-ranking sergeants, for lieutenants and all that, mostly in a field environment.

"At the battalion staff, you need to train the staff to operate in a war fighting function, prior to getting into a war, and that's where the MDMP comes in," he added.

Training the Group level staff, which includes officers and NCO's in senior level positions working in personnel, intelligence, operations, supply, and communications sections, helps reinforce the unit's ability to engage in deployed environments.

"It's a pretty well planned out process, and the reason we're doing it is because right now we're a contingency expeditionary force and we'll be available next year for mobilization, we haven't been sourced yet, but we're preparing as if we were," Hack said.

While Soldiers in staff positions at the 151st RSG have deployed in the past, the unit's training is further supplemented with the addition of several civilian trainers who support the commander in training the team.

"We help train them on MDMP mission, and also the Army battle command systems. We help train them up on those high tech systems and also things like MDMP and get them ready for possible deployment," said Arthur O'Malley, a Roslindale, Mass., native who is a commander's operational training assistant.

"Even though the 151 hasn't been earmarked yet, they are within that time frame where they could be, and that's why we're here to help them out, " he said.

By practicing and training on new and better ways to operate in deployed environments, the 151st RSG will make many improvements for all Soldiers they interact with.

"[The MDMP] makes us better staff officers and NCOs. It makes us able to do our war time job better," said Hack. "It would affect you guys if they were on our FOB because the better we learn to do our job, the better things are going to be for you when you come onto our base."

As units continue to deploy and redeploy in and out of Afghanistan and Iraq, Soldiers like the members of the 151st RSG will continue to find new ways to make the mission a success. Training and use of the MDMP is one thing Massachusetts National Guardsmen will look back on to achieve that success.