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FRG raises money for deploying Soldiers 
By Army Spc. Jeremiah J. Clark, 65th Press Camp Headquarters  

DEVENS, Mass. - The Family Readiness Group for the 1st Battalion, 182nd Infantry Regiment cooked lunch for the competitors in the Logan-Duffy Rifle Competition here, Oct. 2, 2010.

The FRG’s major purpose is to help alleviate the stress of deployment for both families as well as Soldiers.

The FRG works to support Soldiers and take care of their families while they are overseas, said Marcey R. Maloney, whose husband is Sgt. Kevin G. Maloney, D Company, 1st Battalion, 182nd Infantry Regiment, Massachusetts National Guard.

“That asset was a comfort to all the Soldiers serving overseas,” said Sgt. Maloney.

Marcey Maloney said she has helped the FRG since 2004 and joined so that she could know what was going on with her husband while he was deployed.

Moreover, civilians are the major component of an FRG.

It is about civilians stepping up to organize events and then use that money to support families of the deployed Soldiers in need, said Sgt. 1st Class Robert W. Russell, D Company, 182nd Infantry. One of the civilians, Christopher M. Johnson, took the day off of work to help cook.

Moreover, FRGs make a huge difference in any unit.

“It will make or break a unit,” said Sgt. Maloney “We learned that when we were in Kosovo when we had some very serious situations.”

“Personally, I know my wife and two daughters will miss me dearly when I deploy so I’m glad there is an organization like this that helps with that,” said Russell

The stand sold hot lunches to the competitors of the Logan-Duffy match, said Russell.  All the proceeds went to helping the soldiers when they deploy. 

The stand would not have been such a huge success without the donation of food by outside sources and time by civilians like Marcey Maloney and Chris Johnson, said Russell.