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Members of the 772nd Military Police, Iraqi Police and Students 
Members of 3rd Platoon, 772nd Military Police Company and Numaniyah Iraqi Police officers pose for a photo after more than 100 supply-filled school bags were handed out to Al Aldreeg students on March 26, 2009 during an exercise to build community policing skills (U.S. Army photo courtesy of the 772nd Military Police)
By Capt. Bryan Pillai, 972nd Military Police Company, Massachusetts National Guard  

The First Corps of Cadets Chapter conducted its annual Military Police Ball on October 4, 2008 in Boxborough, Massachusetts with over 600 guests in attendance. The 211th Military Police Battalion was honored to have Massachusetts Lt. Gov. Timothy P. Murray, U.S. Rep. Michael E. Capuano, Brig. Gen. Rodney L. Johnson and Brig. Gen. Peter M. Aylward all on hand to address those in attendance.

The chapter also inducted the following members into the Order of the Marechaussee: Lt. Col. Richard F. Johnson, Command Sgt. Maj. Herman L. Anderson, Command Sgt. Maj. David Costa and 1st Sgt. Steven J. Buccheri.

Our chapter welcomed home the 972nd Military Police Company following its return from overseas service in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. The 972nd was stationed at Forward Operating Base Freedom in Baghdad where the unit provided motorcade escort, residential security and quick reaction force coverage for the government of Iraq’s most senior leaders, to include the president and prime minister, as well as visiting U.S. and foreign dignitaries. Senator John F. Kerry joined us at the unit’s official welcome home ceremony conducted at Faneuil Hall in Boston on October 19, 2008.

Just days later on October 29, 2008, the chapter bid farewell to the 772nd Military Police Company on the Taunton Green in Taunton, Massachusetts as the unit departed for a mission in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. The 772nd is presently stationed at Forward Operating Base Delta. The company is serving under the 41st Fires Brigade and executing a Police Transition Training mission in the Al-Kut area.

The 747th Military Police Company deployed in July 2009 with a similar mission in Iraq. The 211th Military Police Battalion Headquarters also deployed in July 2009 to execute a command and control mission involving detainee operations in Iraq.

The 211th Military Police Battalion completed a demanding Annual Training period at Camp Edwards, Massachusetts in March 2009. Throughout the training, the unit incorporated all individual warrior tasks and battle drills into a comprehensive collective training exercise. The 972nd Military Police Company closely supervised the training to take advantage of pertinent tactical and technical expertise recently acquired in theater.