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Going green saves taxpayers green 
Installing new lights 
Electricians Paul Christensen and Ralph Dickinson from Braza & Mancini Inc., install new energy-saving light fixtures Dec. 1, 2009 at the Massachusetts National Guard Headquarters in Milford, Mass. National Grid estimated that the new lights could lower the Guard’s energy costs by approximately $70, 000 per year.
By Army Sgt. James C. Lally, Massachusetts National Guard Public Affairs  

Milford, Mass. – The Massachusetts National Guard partnered with National Grid to reduce energy consumption at the Guard’s headquarters in Milford, Mass., during December 2009.

National Grid’s on-going Energy Efficiency Incentive Program is an effort to make preserving energy resources profitable for their customers.

Earlier in 2009 National Grid approached Joseph Capuzziello, project manager from the Construction and Facilities Management Office, Massachusetts National Guard and proposed the initiative that promised to improve lighting, reduce energy consumption and lower the Guard’s overall energy bill at the Milford facility.

During December Braza & Mancini of Milford, a sub-contractor hired by National Grid replaced ceiling lights throughout the Guard’s Milford facility with new energy efficient lights that are brighter and more environmentally friendly. National Grid estimated that the new lights could lower the Guard’s energy costs by approximately $70, 000 per year. 

The incentive for the Guard to participate in the program was an easy sell. National Grid offered installation of new lights and ballasts at almost half the price and deferred the cost into the Guard’s monthly energy bill. With the reduced costs of energy consumption the whole project is expected to pay for itself in two years.

The lead account executive from National Grid, Michael Peterson said, “The National Guard participated in one of the pilot programs and received enhanced incentives. The philosophy is that by helping government we help the people, through reduced taxes,” said Peterson.

Energy efficiency programs help to put off the need to build new power generating stations and help to maintain an appropriate supply of power to New England. Deferring the need for power plants saves on costly new construction and maintenance.

The company has won national and state awards for their environmental work over the years. Peterson said, “The programs have been in operation for more than 25 years, saved customers millions of dollars, millions of kilowatt hours, and reduced millions of pounds of airborne power generating pollutants.”

The new lights have improved the lighting in the hall ways and offices but a significant improvement was made in the large warehouse portion of the building. The building and utilities supervisor,  John J. Kelly,  said, “They are very bright so they take a little getting used to but I love them; the amount of energy we are going to save will be incredible.”