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Instructors Wanted at 101st Regional Training Institute 
101st Regional Institute Instructors Needed at Camp Edwards 
A U.S. Army Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck (HEMTT) unloads a military equipment storage container. The HEMTT mission is to provide heavy transport capabilities for supply and re-supply of combat vehicles and weapon systems for the Army and Marine Corps. (U.S. Army stock file photo)
By Army Maj. James Sahady, Massachusetts National Guard Public Affairs 

Camp Edwards, Mass
. - The Massachusetts National Guard Regional Training Institute needs 88M instructors for the summer of TY-2010. The 101st Regional Training Institute (RTI), formerly known as the Massachusetts Military Academy, is the oldest state run military academy and officer candidate school in the United States.

It has served as the prototype after which all other state military academies have been modeled.  Today, the 101st RTI, Massachusetts Army National Guard is the premier military training facility in the Northeast.  If you are motivated, enjoy working with troops and present a professional appearance, this is an excellent opportunity to enhance your career advancement prospects. 

Do you have the right stuff?  We are looking for sharp staff sergeants and above who meet height/weight and APFT standards with a desire to pass along knowledge and experience to other Soldiers. Training Soldiers is one of the most fulfilling tasks that a noncommissioned officer undertakes.  Teaching new Soldiers how to drive some of the largest vehicles in the Army inventory is critical to our commonwealth and nation.

Prospects must be 88M and Army Basic Instructor Course (ABIC) qualified. If you aren’t ABIC qualified the RTI provides nationally recognized instructor credentialing.  Getting ABIC qualified is a great way to earn promotion points and further your career.  If you have recent combat experience your expertise may save lives.  While recent combat experience is preferred it isn’t mandatory. 

For more information contact Lt. Col. Chuck Perenick: chuck.perenick@us.army.mil, 508-968-5978.