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Level Three Combatives: Grappling with the Future 
Feature News Story 
Video and Editing By U.S. Army Sgt Alfred Tripolone III, Photos by Staff Sgt. Jerry Saslav 
BOURNE, Mass.  The Massachusetts National Guard hosted the Army’s first satellite Level Three Combative: Basic Instructor Course at Camp Edwards throughout January. The month long course reviews both combative levels one and two, and focuses on training the Soldiers in additional fighting techniques including: boxing, grappling and proper escalation of force. The course is typically held at Fort Benning, Ga., which makes it difficult for non-fulltime guardsmen who have civilian jobs to take time off to attend. The 21 Soldiers attending the course will be certified to instruct the level one combative course for up 12 students at a time. Graduation for the class is being held Friday Feb. 3 at Camp Edwards.