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Military Police units change over at FOB Delta 
MP units change over at FOB Delta 
First Sgt. Edward Peterson and Capt. Derek Baran, 772nd MP Co., unfurl their guidon signifying the transfer of authority is complete between the 772nd MP Co., and the 511th MP Co., Jan 24. (U.S. Army photo by Sgt. 1st Class Joe Thompson)
By Sgt. 1st Class Joe Thompson, 41st Fires Bde. PAO 

The 511th Military Police Company from Fort Drum, N.Y., transferred authority to the 772nd Military Police Company from Taunton, Mass., in a ceremony here, Jan. 24.

Capt. Jess Traver, commander of the 511th MP Co., congratulated the Soldiers he’s commanded since Aug. 2008, on the completion of their 15-month tour in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

“You’ve seen this province through fighting and uprisings; we’ve given control to the Iraqis during the PIC ceremony, and we’ve set them on track to conduct elections. Through good and bad times, you guys were there,” said Traver of Reno, Nev.

The 511th MP Co., deployed Nov. 11, 2007. One platoon of 511th MP Co., went to Camp Echo to work with Iraqi Police in Qadasiyah province. The majority of the company worked on and around FOB Delta. They also partnered with nine Iraqi Police districts and 65 Iraqi Police stations.

“Every one of you had an impact on an Iraqi Police officer. From the local IP that you trained and talked with, to the district station commanders that you mentored and advised, and had chai with. These are times you will remember and be proud of this great service. You can tell your family and friends that you were a part of history and part of a changing world,” said Traver.

The 772nd MP Co., mobilized, Oct. 26, 2008, to Fort Dix, N.J., and arrived in Kuwait Dec. 31, 2008. After two weeks of training, the “Patriots” arrived in Iraq, Jan. 15, 2009.

“I’ve only been here a short time but already see the camaraderie that exists with the Iraqi Police in Wasit Province and the 511th Military Police Company,” said Capt. Derek Baran, commander of the 772nd MP Co.

“I have full confidence that my unit will continue this relationship with our Iraqi Police counterparts and execute our mission to its fullest, gaining close friends and comrades during the process,” said Baran of Marblehead, Mass.

Some of the Soldiers in the 772nd MP Co., reenlisted in order to deploy with the unit, showing the brotherhood within the unit, said Baran.

 “To my Soldiers, remember what I asked you to do three things at our going away ceremony in Massachusetts a short time ago? The first was to take care of each other; the second was to watch each other’s back, and lastly do the right thing at all times. Remember these words. I expect you to follow these simple guidelines,” said Baran.

The 772nd MP Co., will continue to work with the Iraqi Police Partnership Program in Wasit province.