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Massachusetts National Guardsmen Aid Injured Motorists 
By Army Staff Sgt. James C. Lally, Massachusetts National Guard Public Affairs 

MILFORD, Mass.Four Massachusetts National Guardsmen rendered first aid, while directing traffic following an accident near the Bourne Bridge on Route 25.

Col. Timothy Mullen, Col. Christopher Faux, and Lt. Col Steven Demianczyk, all members of the Air National Guard were joined by Army National Guardsman, Col. Richard Crivello, as they came upon the accident on the highway while driving to the Massachusetts Military Reservation.

These senior officers have years of training in first aid, as well as, making quick decisions. Getting involved during a crisis and assuming a leadership role, is second nature and this is just what happened this past Wednesday, August 4.

Faux, Mullen and Demianczyk were driving in a van southbound on Route 25 heading toward the Bourne Bridge in the middle lane when they noticed a man laying on the highway. Two victims were in the roadway, and one remained trapped in a vehicle involved in the accident. They immediately stopped their van in the middle of the highway about 100 feet from the accident victim to prevent cars from striking him and exited their vehicle to assist.

Faux and Demianczyk ran to the person in the road to assist, Mullen ran behind the van and began directing traffic until emergency personnel arrived on scene. Crivello, who was on his way to Camp Edwards, saw Mullen directing traffic and pulled over to help Faux and Demianczyk with first aid on the man who was in the roadway after being ejected from the vehicle.

While Mullen directed traffic several State Police and local firefighters arrived and immediately began to assist the injured, while Mullen continued directing traffic. Recalling the incident Mullen said, “While directing traffic I saw Faux, Demianczyk and Crivello attending to the injured. Demianczyk was also helping to get the third person who was trapped in the van. Faux had removed his shirt to try to prevent the man from bleeding.”

Trooper Doug Lynch, Massachusetts State Police said, “The services they provided at the scene were outstanding. One of the Colonels took off his shirt and used to try to stop someone’s bleeding.”

Traffic was stopped on the northbound side of Route 25 to allow a helicopter medical flight to land and evacuate the man in the roadway. Mullen was eventually relieved from traffic duty, and after confirming they were no longer needed and departed the scene.

Army Maj. Gen. Joseph C. Carter, The Adjutant General, Massachusetts National Guard expressed his pride in the officers saying, “I commend and am proud that when Col. Mullen, Col. Faux, Col. Crivello and Lt. Col. Demianczyk happened upon a roll-over accident, they immediately went to the aid of three motorists, two of which were thrown from the vehicle, and also directed traffic around the scene to prevent further trauma to the victims until the arrival of State Police. The decisive actions of these senior officers underscore our core values of service before self and personal courage, as well as the lifesaving skills of all Soldiers and Airmen of the Massachusetts National Guard.” Carter, an Army Officer is the senior officer who commands the Army and Air branches of the Massachusetts National Guard. 

Maj. Gen. Michael D. Akey, Massachusetts Air National Guard Commander said, "I am very proud of our Massachusetts Air and Army National Guard Officers that stopped and rendered immediate emergency first aid to the victims of the vehicle accident. Their service before self actions exemplify the citizen-Solider/Airman culture of our National Guard," said Akey.