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Camp Edwards Tactical Training Team
The Camp Edwards Tactical Training Team (TTT) is a team of highly proficient noncommissioned officers (NCOs) whose primary mission is train Soldiers of the Massachusetts Army National Guard to have the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities in order to close with and destroy the enemy in the Nation’s various theaters of operations in the Global War on Terror.

Second, they are ready and available to assist other units and organizations from the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, and law enforcement personnel / first responders in all areas of tactical training.

These Warriors are subject-matter experts in all areas of tactical operations to include: combatives; weapons; communications; calling for and adjusting indirect fire; combat lifesaver techniques; air assault operations; military operations on urban terrain; IED defeat techniques; operations in chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear environments; and all leader tasks.

This team is designed to augment and work closely with the Massachusetts Army National Guard’s Pre-Deployment Training Assessment and Evaluation (PTAE) Team which is responsible for ensuring that units deploying into combat have validated in all training standards as directed by First Army.

All members of the Camp Edwards TTT are NCOs recently returned from deployments in Iraq and/or Afghanistan, have held leadership positions, are qualified instructors, meet all Army standards, and live the Army Values.