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Camp Edwards Training Site Facilities
Massachusetts Army National Guard Training Site Camp Edwards is a major training site for Soldiers from New England and also provides training for civilian first responders and members of law enforcement.

Training Support Center
The Training Support Center offers a wide range of facilities including simulated training, rappel towers, and a driver training area.  Highlights include:

Weapons Training
Indoor simulated weapons training with both the Engagement Skills Trainer (EST) 2000 and the Fire Arms Training System (FATS).

Rappel Towers
Two multi-use, fully enclosed, 60-foot platform towers with a fast roping lane, vertical insertion, and climbing walls.

Obstacle Course
Nine obstacles, recently updated; course meets stringent requirements of Ft. Benning’s standards for an Air Assault Course.

Leadership Reaction Course (LRC)
The LRC is a practical exercise facility using 17 stations to build leadership skills, encourage teamwork, develop technical and tactical proficiency, and confidence.

Call for Fire Trainer (CFFT)
The CFFT is a collective training system that provides a  simulated battlefield for training Joint Fires Observers at the institutional and unit level.  

Virtual Convoy Operations Trainer (VCOT)
The VCOT simulates Baghdad and other geo-specific areas.  It includes mission rehearsals, leader training, and after action reviews.  360-degree visibility and weapon engagement area.  Exercises include enemy IEDs, RPGs, machine gunners, riflemen, "technical" trucks, mortars, and suicide vehicles.