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 Relocation of JFHQ-MA to Hanscom Air Force Base

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Military Division and Joint Force Headquarters of the Massachusetts National Guard, as a community-based, dual missioned, operational force will relocate to a state-of-the-art headquarters facility at Hanscom Air Force Base in Bedford, Massachusetts to ensure future mission success.

The new headquarters facility will "lead by example" and maximize green technologies, ergonomic design, and internal and external communication technologies to sustain the highest organizational effectiveness and efficiency.

Upon project completion, the relocation will be conducted in a phased mode, which echelons command and control elements of all headquarters (MIL DIV, ARNG and ANG) in a manner that ensures positive control of the force.

  • Hanscom Air Force Base, located in Bedford, will become the future home to more than 300 Massachusetts National Guard Joint Force Headquarters Soldiers, Airmen and employees.
  • Our people are our most important asset. We realize change in the workplace may bring a level of uncertainty and anxiety. However, all employees and members of the Massachusetts National Guard will be kept informed throughout the process. The move will be carefully planned and executed in order to provide a smooth and seamless transition for all employees while maintaining the highest state of readiness.
  • This move is necessary in order to meet the challenges of the 21st century, as well as, support our units throughout the commonwealth of Massachusetts.
  • Hanscom AFB will greatly benefit our members and civilian employees by offering around-the-clock security, appropriate military infastructure, secure communication and a location that allows the Massachusetts National Guard to respond quickly and effectively in the event of a crisis.
  • Hanscom AFB offers our Soldiers and Airmen support services such as housing, medical care, commissary, military base exchange, family programs, and an overall enhanced quality of life for our Soldiers and Airmen.
  • Through effective planning and execution, some employees may expect to move to Hanscom AFB as early as 2011 and the remainder at a later date.
  • JFHQ-MA has been in Milford since 1996. Applicable lessons learned from previous relocations will be applied to facilitate positive actions and results for all communities and personnel.
  • The Army and Air National Guard remain full partners in this relocation effort to establish a true state-of-the-art Joint Force Headquarters.
  • The move does not affect the Department of Corrections Headquarters. In fact, they are exploring the option to consolidate other locations by moving them here to Milford.
  • The Massachusetts National Guard continues its mission to train as a joint warfighting force.
  • The MA National Guard has a 371 year history of providing a trained and ready operational force, serving the community, the Commonwealth and the Nation.

Hanscom Move

A strategically planned, multi-phased move that ensures positive control of the force.