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Federal Tuition Assistance
Army National Guard Federal Tuition Assistance can be applied to a course or program taken at a regionally or nationally accredited, public or private college, university, vocational, technical or trade school located inside or outside the commonwealth of Massachusetts.  
Soldiers can receive up to $250 per semester hour, $167 per quarter hour and $16.66 per clock hour. This amount cannot exceed 100% of the tuition cost for a course or program. The maximum entitlement a Soldier can receive is $4500.00 per fiscal year (Oct. 1 thru Sept 30.)

Listed below is the new procedure to apply for Army National Guard Federal Tuition Assistance. Please read and follow all steps thoroughly. This procedure will benefit you in many ways—less paper to keep track of, faster processing time by the Education Services Office and its JUST TOO EASY! Use your computer at home, the office, the unit, the library—any computer that has internet access.

The documents required are your student class schedule and a statement of charges or invoice from your school. We will render federal funding if you do not qualify for state funded tuition. By accepting federal funding, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions as outlined in the automated statement of understanding. Carefully review the current Federal Tuition Policy found at www.virtualarmory.com. Army National Guard members MUST apply through Virtual Armory. Active Guard and Reserve (AGR) or mobilized enlisted Soldiers must apply for tuition assistance through the active component at West Point, N.Y., 845-938-3464.

A Soldier can apply for tuition assistance up to 90 days in advance of the class start date. However, the deadline for applying, and having all required documentation as outlined above into the Education Services Office is no later than the class starting date. Exceptions will only be granted in extreme circumstances on a case-by-case basis. IT IS THE SOLE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE SOLDIER TO ENSURE THAT THE REQUIRED DOCUMENTATION IS RECEIVED BY THE ESO. IF NO SUPPORTING DOCUMENTATION IS RECEIVED, THE APPLICATION WILL NOT BE PROCESSED, AND WILL BE DELETED AFTER THE DEADLINE PASSES!

Apply for Tuition Assistance through Virtual Armory.