Quality of Life

Military Families are special! Military Family Life is challenging!
In fact, service members and their families share some special common goals and qualities such as: Dedication, Commitment, Sacrifice, and adaptability. The key to enjoying a healthy happy life
in the military is you! So to make the most of your military experiences, like any other family is by living, loving and working together to create a more satisfying quality of life for yourself and
your family.

What is Quality of Life?
Family fitness, nutrition, exercise, stress management, effective communication, parenting, CPR, and first aid training are all important elements of family wellness.

To be a military family means special challenges and concerns for example: separation, emotional, economic, practical, social and reunion. Through these experiences your family can still stay close, healthy, happy and keep growing strong.

Improve your quality of life by practicing healthy habits in order to look your best
and feel good about yourself.

Start by setting a good example through good nutrition. Good nutrition promotes good health. Eat a variety of the right foods to stay fit and energetic. Exercise regularly and get enough rest it helps reduce and prevent your chances of certain diseases and maintain good mental health. Everyone needs to be at their best possible physical health to productively work and fuel for your activities.

Learn about what your body needs and doesn’t need avoid harmful habits such as smoking, alcohol and illegal drugs. A practice of better habits plays an important role on the job, at school and at home. It helps you function normally and gives a sense of well-being.

Don’t accept substitutes for stress if it gets out of hand, it’s time to GET HELP! Don’t let stress get you down and keep you out you can do a lot for yourself and others.

For more help and information consider contacting:
• Health care provider
• Local hospital
• Mental health centers
• Employers
• School counselors
• Religious leaders
• Other professionals (social workers, marriage and family counselors, therapists, nurses etc. can provide help to solve problems)

State Family Program Office or Local Family Assistance Center offers information and referrals for care and support as well as in hand resources that can be made available to you contact us MANGFamily@aol.com

Department of Defense has established a 24 hour, 7-day a week toll free telephonic, Internet and e-mail family assistance service. A single source of quick access to help and support all mobilized Guard members and their families.

Army One Source and Air Force One Source which is designed to help families balance the competing demands of work, deployments and family/personal life is confidential is available to assist wherever you are on an array of issues.

Log on today to access:
• Online articles, worksheets, and suggested reading lists
• Educational materials: booklets, CDs, and audiotapes (at no cost to you)
• Locators (summer camp, child care, etc.)
• Interactive tools
• And much more!




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