Massachusetts National Guard Youth Program

“Guard Kids – Our National Treasure”

We are adamant about the goals we wish our young people to achieve; to which are essential and invaluable in preparing youth for the challenges of adulthood.

The Primary Goal of the Youth Program is to engage our youth, their families, and their communities in developing the skills and potential to better equip themselves to make a positive impact on their families, their schools, and the future ahead.

The goal of the State Family Program Office is to design a model program geared directly towards Guard Youth. We hope to promote programs across the state and utilize our Nation’s most valuable resource in order to provide direction for the future of our National Guard Youth.

The program is specifically for National Guard Family Youth Members. It will provide Guard Youth with a safe and accessible program designed to promote familiarity with the military environment as well as address their individual well-being. The intent of the program is to promote social interaction for Guard youth through networking opportunities and team building experiences.

• Better Understanding of Guard Youth
• Appreciation and Importance
• Insight & Direction
• Provide Youth Programs and Services to all Ages
• Promote Positive Attitudes
• Provide Activities for Healthy Development


• Establish State Model Standards of Programs
• Establish Statewide Networking Avenues
• Foster Partnerships Between Guard/State/Youth
• Develop Organizational Structure
• Design Youth Services
• Year Round Activities/Programs
• Effective Youth Sponsorship
• Mentoring Program


Upcoming Youth Events

Speak out for Military Kids in February

Gear UP 2006 in March

For more information click on the links to these events and remeber to check our Site Events Page frequently for other events.


State Youth Council
Youth and Deployment
Gear Up Teen Leadership   Project
Youth Club
Youth Program Library

Youth Survey

• Parent-Youth Guides

   Helping Children Cope in Times of War
   Kids and Deployment

  “Educator’s Guide to the Military Child    During Deployment”
• FRG Youth Guides
• Brochures
  MANG Youth Program



WE NEED YOU! No one knows Guard Youth better than you do! We would like to hear your views and ideas, click here to take the youth survey. (link to youth survey to be provided) Contact the State Youth Program Office or email us at MASSNGYouth@aol.com. Help us design the ideal Youth Program.

Additional Sites and Resources:
This Community is for you….Check it out!

In light of increased deployments, family members must rely on programs that are inadequate or substandard when compared to the active component. National Guard families enjoy a greater stability in their communities. Therefore, Guard members perform better at their jobs knowing their families are properly cared for. The National Guard has the capability in both talent and resources to offer higher quality of life programs that sustain the likelihood of our young people to contribute, belong, form close relationships and safely explore new ideas while nurturing and encouraging their growth.

The National Guard Bureau Family Program has taken the first step in achieving this goal. It’s the state of the art Guard Youth Online Community just for you….It provides informational support when your service member is away from home serving our country. Find out how to sign in and join our National Guard Online Community by visiting www.guardfamilyyouth.org

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“Guard Kids – Our National Treasure”

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