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Rhode Island Counterdrug Program: About Us!

 Rhode Island National Guard

Our Drug Demand Reduction Program has teams of qualified, non-commissioned officers who teach the LifeSkills Training program to elementary and middle school students. This highly acclaimed program teaches children drug resistance skills, personal self-management skills and general social skills. The U. S. Department of Education, the American Medical Association and the American Psychological Association have all recommended this science-based program as an approved drug awareness teaching method. The sergeants who teach the program are selected based upon their ability to excel at their duties and are certified to teach by the LifeSkills program trainers. They provide a positive addition to the classroom environment and reinforce the values taught in our schools. During the summer months, the sergeants run a day camp for 12-17 year olds at Camp Fogarty, RI where the highlight of the week is the high ropes course.

For over six years our Drug Demand Reduction sergeants have taught RI children how to live a better life and grow to be responsible citizens. Our Drug Interdiction sergeants have worked alongside law enforcement officials for fifteen years providing unique military skills and equipment to reduce the drug supply in RI. We hope you may find our services useful within your school or agency and I welcome your questions.










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