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School Based Programs

 Rhode Island National Guard

Stay On Track Program (6th Grade)

Length: 1 hour a day / 1 day a week / 12 weeks

The Stay On Track Program offers an innovative, fun, and comprehensive approach to substance abuse prevention. The research-based curriculum is designed for middle school students. Special emphasis is given to tobacco, club drugs, hallucinogens, alcohol, prescription drugs, marijuana, and inhalants. However, Stay On Track is more than a substance abuse program, providing lessons on health, decision-making, goal-setting, communication skills, interpersonal relations, and media influences.

Brainstorm Program (5th Grade)

Length: 1.5 hours a day / 5 days a week / 1 week

The Brain Storm Program teaches 5th grade students the health and scientific effects of illicit drug use. The program includes instruction describing the detrimental effects of illicit drug use along with drug use prevention skills by focusing on teaching the students about their brains and nervous system. Interactive instruction is given along with hands-on exercises to enhance the learning experience, a dynamic video produced by 3-2-1 Contact (Children's Television network) and ends with a question and answer session.


LifeSkills Training Program

Length: 1 hour a day / 1 hour a week / 8 weeks

The LifeSkills Training Program is a uniquely designed substance abuse prevention program. This science-based program combats the primary underlying causes of substance abuse. It is comprehensive, interactive and proven 87% effective. The Rhode Island National Guard Drug Demand Reduction LifeSkills Facilitators are certified to teach Levels I, II and III. The LifeSkills Program is offered to Rhode Island elementary grades, 5th and 6th, and middle school students on a first-come first-served basis.

In addition there are also 3 Violence Prevention Units and a 2 Hour Bullying class for grades 1-6, which are optional.


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