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Distance Learning: Non-Profit, Academic, Commercial Business

 The National Guard Distributive Training Technology Project (DTTP)

Rhode Island National Guard Distance Learning Classrooms, Johnston and East Greenwich

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Our Mission:
To partner with public and private organizations through "shared-usage" of our distance learning facilities. Our goal as a business is to be self-supportive.

About Us:
The National Guard Bureau has responded to Congressional direction by implementing a distance learning network comprised of satellite and terrestrial technology to connect 54 states and territories. This network uses telecommunications as the principal means to provide secure and affordable training and professional development for the National Guard. It is an effective alternative to the traditional practice of sending soldiers to far-away classrooms.

The economic benefits to the National Guard and the personal benefits to soldiers are not unlike those pertaining to the private sector. In April 2004, the RI National Guard modernized its distance learning centers to implement the concept of shared-usage with private businesses and community organizations. Corporate establishments large and small will find that distance learning centers meet their training and conferencing needs with cost-efficiency and convenience.

Why videoconferencing instead of traditional business travel?

The case for videoconferencing goes beyond the price of air travel. Consider the fear of flying that affects so many people or the simple aggravation of long airport security lines. Add up the cost of flights to hotel, car rental, and meals for one employee. Add to that the time spent on flights, preparation, the meeting itself, and down-time. Now, think about the stress involved with business travel and the toll it takes on personal health and well-being. Videoconferencing will do more for your business than cut costs; it can minimize employee downtime and increases productivity.

While videoconferencing is not intended to replace every face-to-face or phone meeting, it is a complement to other business tools. The firm that demonstrates efficiency, increasing productivity, and openness to advancement in technology can set itself apart from its competition.

Classroom rental available at 2 convenient RI locations. With satellite downlink and connectivity to over 300 National Guard distance learning classrooms in 54 states and territories, your training opportunities are endless.

  • Be sure to visit the Satellite Schedule page for instructional content offered via satellite through various Federal and private agencies.

Classrooms equipped with:

  • Fully integrated video teleconferencing system
  • Polycom Multipoint Control Unit MGC 50
  • Windows XP and Windows 2000 workstations
  • Audio/Visual presentation tools
  • Conference Table

Prior to attending an event at our Johnston classroom, we recommend that you refer to the Student Classroom Guide for parking information, area dining, and policies.


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Camp Fogarty - Bldg #373
2841 South County Trl
East Greenwich, RI

DL Johnston Facility
1670 Hartford Avenue
Johnston, RI

Phone: (401) 273-3941
Fax: (401) 273-3936

State Distance Learning
Mrs. Eileen Lussier
Phone: (401) 273-3941
Fax: (401) 273-3936

Distance Learning Director
LTC Michael Tetreault
Deputy Chief of Staff,
Information Management
Phone: (401) 275-4140

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