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Veterans Task Force of Rhode Island

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Veterans Task Force of Rhode IslandThe Veterans Task Force of RI was created from RI Blueprint®. The RI Blueprint® is the work of a dedicated group of individuals, organizations, and local, state and federal agencies. Through willingness to share their expertise and experience, the State of Rhode Island is leading the nation in addressing the needs of veterans, returning soldiers and their families. The Blueprint® handbook is a resource for all military members in assisting them and their families in pre and post deployments.

The Veterans Task Force of RI was developed insuring a military-civilian partnership. Committees were formed to address the key issues outlines within the RI Blueprint®. The handbook is a resource guide for all military members, their families, and civilian partners and agencies. The Task Force is comprised of six committees to assist military members and their families in pre/post deployment as well as outreach to our community and public awareness. These committees are: Addictive Disorders Committee, Peer Support Committee, Community Outreach Committee, Public Awareness Committee, Family Network Committee and the Woman Veterans Committee.

Additionally, the Task Force is supported by an Advisory Committee also consisting of a military and civilian liaison.

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 Veterans Task Force Document Library

VTF RI Blueprint 7.18.06.pdfVTF RI Blueprint 7.18.06NGAPPS\brian.fielder
Draft Handbook3.18.07.pptDraft Handbook3.18.07NGAPPS\brian.fielder
23OCT07 RIVTF Mtg Slides.ppt23OCT07 RIVTF Mtg SlidesNGAPPS\brian.fielder
22JAN08 RIVTF Mtg Slides.ppt22JAN08 RIVTF Mtg SlidesNGAPPS\brian.fielder
22APR08 RIVTF Mtg Slides.ppt22APR08 RIVTF Mtg SlidesNGAPPS\brian.fielder
17JUL07 RIVTF Mtg Slides.ppt17JUL07 RIVTF Mtg SlidesNGAPPS\brian.fielder


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 Contact Us

Military Liaison
CMSgt Lori Ashness
Air National Guard
Joint Force Headquarters
(401) 275-1122
(401) 639-1258

Civilian Liaison
Susan A. Storti, PhD, RN
Brown University
(401) 573-6136