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115th Military Police Company

 Rhode Island Army National Guard

115th Military Police Shoulder Sleeve InsigniaMISSION:
"To mobilize, deploy, and conduct combat support operations with critical missions of maneuver and mobility support operations, area security, law and order, internment and resettlement operations, police intelligence and military operationsother than war, and conduct sustainment operations in support of a TSC"

The 115th Military Police Company, Rhode Island Army National Guard, is located at the Fogarty Armory, in East Greenwich, Rhode Island. Within the Rhode Island Army National Guard, the 115th Military Police Company performs military police functions for federal and state missions under the direction of the battalion. Soldiers in this unit are trained as Military Police (MOS 31B).

The 115th Military Police Company was constituted in 1951 as a new unit and was Federally recognized on 24 April 1952 at Pawtucket under the command of CPT John Sherlock and 1SG Patrick J. Mulligan. The unit trained for it's MP mission and was called to state active duty three times (Hurricane "Carol", Hurricane "Edna", and the Newport Jazz Festival riot) during it's first eight years of existence.

In 1968, the 115th was called to active duty as a result of the Vietnam War. The unit was assigned to the US Military Academy at West Point (1st Battalion, 1st Infantry Regiment). The unit performed missions in traffic control and security while completing combat training for Vietnam, training in the latest civil disturbance measures and STRAF missions (should they be needed). The unit at this time was commanded by CPT Joseph R. DelSesto.

While at West Point, the 115th fell under the levy system. This system was comparable to a lottery, in which soldiers on active duty were selected as individuals for service in Vietnam. Every Friday a new list would be put together and CPT DelSesto would have to call and inform his soldiers. Some 70+ soldiers were selected this way including CPT DelSesto and SGT William "Willie" Conlon, who also served with the 45th Infantry Division during the Korean War. Of those individuals who served in Vietnam, eight were awarded the Bronze Star, four were awarded the Air Medal, 14 were awarded the Army Commendation Medal, and one Purple Heart for wounds received. Other notables who volunteered were SFC Robert Antuono, SFC Robert Germani, SFC Gerald Stewart. The 115th was not inducted as a whole unit and was released from active duty in December of 1969.

In 1971, the 115th was undermanned from the levy's of Vietnam and "all around" public disapproval of the military because of Vietnam. Another MP Company in the state, the 705th was also having recruiting problems. When the word came down for the 705th to disband (on 1 June 1973), all remaining personnel from the 705th were transferred to the 115th. The commander at this time was CPT Ralph Lataille, who requested that the guidon from the 705th be issued to the 115th, to be displayed at the Pawtucket Armory as a "morale" booster. Added to the unit's history from this consolidation is the following credit for World War II:


And for it's work in the China-Burma-India Theater of Operations a Meritorious Unit Citation with the inscription:


One of the next major state activation's came in 1978. The "Blizzard of '78" crippled the state and forced all units to be called to duty from 6 - 16 February 1978. The 115th performed traffic control to allow the engineers to perform snow removal. MP's were stationed throughout the downtown area to prevent looting. There had not been a statewide call up since the "Hurricane of '38", thirty-nine years earlier.

In 1990, along with other units in the state, the 115th was inducted into Federal service for Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm. The 115th arrived in Saudi Arabia on 5 February 1991. Subordinate to the 210th MP Bn, the 115th was stationed in no less than seven locations with missions at Camp Freedom, Kuwait; Kuwait Fund Building, Kuwait; Security of Kuwait Embassy; Customs missions (various locations) and L&O on Cunnard Princess. The 115th returned home on 1 July 1991.

This unit earned battle streamers bearing the names:


The 115th still fosters the relationship with the USMA at West Point that began back in 1968. On many occasions the unit has been invited to work extra security, especially during the Army-Navy football games. They have also been commended for their work at the "famous" Area 51 installation.

In 2003, along with other units the 115th was inducted into Federal service for the Global War on Terror. The 115th arrived in Kuwait on 15 April 2003. This unit performed almost 1600 missions during it's 12 month deployment, to include over 570 missions in Al Fallujah. Missions included seizure of stolen property, criminal arrest, and security and seizure of enemy weapons caches. Three soldiers from the 115th were killed in action (SSG Joseph Camara, SGT Todd Caldwell, and SPC Michael Andrade) and twelve soldiers were wounded. The 115th returned to Fort Drum, NY on 13 April 2004.

This unit earned a battle streamer bearing the name:


And for it's work with the 3rd Infantry Division in Al Fallujah a Valorous Unit Citation with the inscription:

IRAQ 2003-2004

In 2005, selected individuals were assigned to Task Force 119 and sent to Louisiana in support of Hurricane 'Katrina' relief efforts.

Today, the citizen soldiers of the 115th Military Police Company, Rhode Island Army National Guard, continue to carry on the proud traditions of their forefathers and stand ready to answer the call to defend the nation or provide emergency services to the State of Rhode Island and its residents.

 Unit Awards and Citations


Valorous Unit Citation    Meretorious Unit Citation (World War II)    Gubernatorial Unit Citation (Rhode Island)

   Iraqi Campaign Medal     Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal   

Southwest Asia Campaign Medal w/ 2 stars    Asiatic Pacific Campaign Medal (World War II)    Humanitarian Service Ribbon (Operation Snow Blow I & 2)

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 ‭(Hidden)‬ Leadership

CPT Ross Maher
(401) 275-4438

First Sergeant
1SG Michael Smith
(401) 275-4460

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115th Military Police Company
Camp Fogarty
2841 South County Trail
East Greenwich, RI 02852
PHONE: (401) 275-4460
FAX: (401) 275-4672

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115th MP CO Unit Crest