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Company A, 1st Battalion
182nd Infantry Regiment

 Alpha Company, 1-182 IN

Mission: the Mountain Company was and has always been to close with and destroy the enemy in all types of terrain by means of fire and maneuver in all climatic conditions. Alpha company began as DET 2, HHC, 3-172 IN (MTN). The higher HQ for Delta Company was located at Ethan Allen Firing Range outside of Jericho in the Green Mountains in the state of Vermont. Alpha company was originally designated as the Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment for the battalion and consisted of one mortar platoon, one scout platoon, one stinger missile section, and an anti armor section. Also members of the company began attending courses at the Army Mountain Warfare School located at EAFR as well as conducting many training weekends working closely with the battalion at training areas that stretched from the woods of Rhode Island to the mountains in Canada.

 Unit History: During the mid 90’s the unit transferred over to drill at the Schofield Armory in Cranston, RI and remained there until the Camp Fogarty Armory opened up in 1997. As the century was coming to a close the unit continued to hone its skills in mountain warfare operations and worked closely with the mountain battalion from Vermont.

The unit’s first call to duty came in the summer 0f 2000 when the ACI guards at the RI Correctional Facility went on strike. This prompted the government to activate members of the National Guard to go into the prison and assist those guards that had been on duty for over 24 hours. After two days the strike finally ended and the unit returned back to Fogarty to continue training for war that many felt would never come. But it did.

Immediately after the 9-11 attacks the unit was brought on alert and provided around the clock security for many sites in RI. Also as the war on terror grew and the United States invaded Afghanistan members of the company volunteered for overseas service. These soldiers served the company well in the active duty world and exceeded the standard that would be expected of a National Guard unit. While training the new Afghanistan army in both basic infantry skills, marksmanship, and mountaineering training they also went out on patrols and were involved in numerous engagements during their time in country.

Since the fall of 2003 the mountain company has accomplished a significant amount of honorable service to both the state of Rhode Island and the United States of America. In response to heightened security during the upcoming holiday season the mountain company took control of the security in and around the Port of Providence which was considered to be a likely target in the event of a terrorist attack on the state. The company performed so well that they were appointed by the governor as the quick reaction force for the state in the event of an emergency. In October the unit received word that it would deploy to Iraq in the spring of 2005 with the 48th BCT. The unit went through a force restructuring from a HQ company to a front line infantry fighting force. Delta Company left RI on 07JAN05 and moved to Fort Stewart, GA for overseas training. The company left the US on 18MAY05 and arrived in Baghdad on 29-MAY05.

The first six months in country the unit was attached to 3BCT/ 1st Armored and conducted counterinsurgency operations just north of Baghdad out of camp Taji. While serving in Baghdad the company conducted 24/7 operations and were involved in numerous firefights, IED attacks, and responsible for the detainment of key individuals involved in the insurgency. Also they worked closely with the new Iraqi army in the area and made an everlasting impression on their active duty counterparts. The last six months in Iraq were spent at Al Asad airbase in western Al Anbar province from where the company conducted daily convoy and logistical escort mission to throughout the entire AO. Here the company was involved in escorting convoys from Al Asad Airbase to the Jordan border and back driving directly down MSR MOBILE, a vast stretch of highway dotted with IED craters and desert as far as you could see. In addition to the Jordan mission, the company ran North/South missions out of Al Asad to satellite bases in the area. Names like Rawah, Hit, Al Qaim, and Taqaadum would soon be burnt in the legacy of the mountain company and those that were there to experience it, the unit came home to Rhode Island on 12MAY06 after 16 months of being away from its home. The legacy of the unit and its role in the war on terror will not be forgotten.

Since its return in May 2006, the mountain company has been redesignated twice. The first designation aligned the unit with a New Mexico Battalion and a Massachusetts Brigade. In September 2006 the Mountain Company folded its guidon and became C Co, 1-200 IN. Over the next year the unit conducted annual training in New Mexico and served briefly along the US/Mexico Border. A few months ago, C co was redesignated C Co, 1-294th IN and aligned with the Guam Army National Guard.

On 01JAN09 C Co was again redesignated A Troop, 1-182 Cavalry Squadron whose headquarters is the Massachusetts Army National Guard. It is planned that the squadron will fully transition to an infantry battalion by 2010. Thus finally giving the mountain company a nearby higher headquarters which has never been the case. The 1/182 IN is the oldest military organization in the country. Its roots trace back to the minutemen who fought the British at Lexington and Concord in 1775. Alpha Company's present training focuses on live fire unit operations at the platoon level including night air assault missions, numerous long movements over varied terrain, physical training, and short range marksmanship. The unit also sends soldiers to schools such as Air Assault, Pathfinder, Ranger, Airborne, and Sniper. The future of Alpha Company is bright and promising, hosting some of the best soldiers and NCO's in the RI ARNG.

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 ‭(Hidden)‬ Leadership

CPT Devin Ciminero
devin.ciminero @us.army.mil
(401) 275-4673

First Sergeant:
1SG Sean T. Killea
(401) 275-4617

Readiness NCO:
SFC Brian Lancey
(401) 275-4619

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Alpha Company, 1-182 IN
Fogarty Armory
2841 South County Trail
East Greenwich, RI 02818
Phone:(401) 275-4619
FAX: (401) 275-4731

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