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Special Operations Detachment, Global
U.S. Special Operations Command

 Rhode Island Army National Guard

"To provide support to USSOCOM in the planning, directing, and executing of Special Operations in the conduct of the Global War on Terrorism by providing C2 capabilities with a detachment of SF personnel and SOF knowlegeable Combat Support and Combat Service Support personnel. This detachment is capable of providing depthand ensuring SOCOM is postured to meet the global mission requirements. SOD-G is the only Special Operations Detachment with a global orientation as opposed to a regional orientation and a direct subordinate unit under USSOCOM."

Special Operations Detachment-Global, Rhode Island Army National Guard is located at Coventry ANGS, Coventry, RI.

Since 1988 each of the theater unified commands have established a separate Special Operations Command (SOC) to meet its theater-unique special operations requirements. As subordinate unified commands, the theater SOCs provide the planning, preparation, and command and control of SOF from the Army, Navy, and Air Force. They ensure that SOF strategic capabilities are fully employed and that SOF are fully synchronized with conventional military operations, when applicable.

Theater SOCs offer several advantages to regional commanders. As peacetime elements, the SOCs are the nucleus around which a Joint Special Operations Task Force (JSOTF) can be structured. They provide a clear chain of command for in-theater SOF as well as the staff expertise to plan, conduct, and support joint SO in the theater's area of responsibility. These special operations may include General Purpose Forces (GPF) under operational control (OPCON) to a SOC. Theater SOCs normally exercise OPCON of SOF (except PSYOP and CA) within each geographic Combatant Commander 's area of responsibility (AOR) . Additionally, the SOCs ensure that SOF personnel fully participate in theater mission planning and that theater component commanders are thoroughly familiar with SOF operational and support requirements and capabilities.

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Commander: COL Thomas Bouchard



CSM: CSM John Nolan


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Special Operations Detachment - Global
Coventry ANGS
Bldg P-3
570 Read School House Road
Coventry, RI 02816
Phone (401) 275-1102
FAX: (401) 275-1105

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