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 Family Assistance Center


Military units are not ready until Families are ready, and the events of September 11, 2001 have forever changed the way we look at Family Readiness. Rolling deployments and the Global War On Terror (GWOT) have dictated a new state of readiness for our Service Members, Employers, and most importantly, our Families.

Our Service Members are increasingly called upon to respond to our Nation’s security needs, and local emergencies or disasters. They are our fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, husbands and wives who have volunteered to serve. However, for every patriotic member we see in uniform, there are the "unsung heroes”, our Family members, who face the daily challenges of that commitment to serve and the unique demands of separation resulting from deployment.

Everyday, these family members dedicate themselves to this State and Nation by supporting our patriots. The mission of the Rhode Island National Guard can not be accomplished unless our Families are properly prepared for the possibility of deployment. Through the use of Family Readiness training, team building, Family Readiness groups, constant communication, and an army of volunteers, we prepare our Families to meet the challenges of deployment and the goal of self-sufficiency.

When asked to prioritize their issues, the overwhelming concern of our Soldiers and Airmen is "What will happen to my Family?" Our Family Program, assisted by well-organized volunteers, stands ready, willing, and able to assist the units throughout the deployment cycle. Anytime the Service Member leaves home, whether to attend basic or annual training, to serve as a peacekeeper or in harms way, the Family must be prepared.

The State of Rhode Island and the Rhode Island National Guard are strong supporters of the Army Family Covenant and the Rhode Island Military Family Covenant.

We recognize the commitment and increasing sacrifices that our Families are making every day. We recognize the strength of our Soldiers comes from the strength of their Families. We are committed to providing Soldiers and Families a Quality of Life that is commensurate with their service. We are committed to providing our Families a strong, supportive environment where they can thrive. We are committed to building a partnership with Military Families that enhances their strength and resilience. We are committed to improving Family Readiness by:

  • Standardizing and funding existing Family programs and services
  • Increasing accessibility and quality of healthcare
  • Ensuring excellence in schools, youth services and child care
  • Expanding education and employment opportunities for Family members.

This, Family Readiness, is the Commander’s Program; as such our goal, in preparation, is to make Family Readiness as high a priority as the mission itself.    


                                                                                            Major General Kevin McBride
                                                                                            Adjutant General Rhode Island,
                                                                                            Commanding General Rhode Island National Guard



 Contact Us


Hours:  8:30 A.M.-4:30 P.M. (M-F)
541 Airport Road (Warwick Armory)
Warwick, Rhode Island 02886-2424

 After Hours 401401-480-4643/401-480-9239


State Family Program Director (Room 117)
MAJ Sharon Harmon
(401) 275-1240 Work

(401) 480-3257 Cell

Family Assistance Coordinator (Room 133)
Kevin McDonnell (Contractor)
(401) 275-1241 Work
(401) 680-3363 Cell
Family Assistance Specialist (Room 123)
Sage Maker (Contractor)
(401) 275-1242 Work
(401) 480-9239 Cell


Family Assistance Specialist (Room 123)
Patricia Musto (Contractor)
(401) 275-1243 Work
(401) 480-4643 Cell
State Chaplain (CRC, Cranston, RI)
MAJ (Chap) Timothy Bourquin 

(401) 275-4070 Work

(401) 486-3736 Cell


Senior Family Readiness Support Assistant (Room 115)
Bob Long
(401) 275-1249 Work
(401) 258-5996 Cell
Family Readiness Support Asst, 43rd MP BDE (Room 115)
Lynn StGermain-Lundh
(401) 275-4418 Work
(401) 477-3679 Cell
Lead Child and Youth Program Coordinator (Room 118)
Holland Tulip
(401) 275-1254 Work
(401) 529-5848 Cell



Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (Room 132)
CMSgt Lori Ashness
(401) 275-1250 Work
(401) 480-6028 Cell


Director of Psychological Health (Army)

Laura Linback

(401) 275-1172 Work
(401) 280-0031 Cell
Military OneSource Specialist (Room 123)
Julie DelCourt
(401) 275-1258 Work
(401) 300-2461 Cell
FAC Financial Manager (Room 126)
SFC Jodi Fritsche

(401) 275-1259 Work

Yellow Ribbon Specialist (Army) (Room 120)
SPC Rosemil Ovalle
(401) 275-1252 Work
(401) 332-0793 Cell
Yellow Ribbon Support Staff (Air) (143 AW, N Kingstown, RI)

Lori Hart

(401) 267-3058 Work
Airman & Family Readiness Programs Manager (143 AW, N Kingstown, RI)
Tina Scully
(401) 267-3148 Work


Survivor Outreach Services (Room 130)
Jessica Rivard

(401) 275-1245 Work

(401) 345-5818 Cell
Employment Transition Coordinator RI (Room 131)
Linda McConney-Rico
(401) 275-1248 Work
(623) 850-6583 Cell
ESGR Program Manager (Room 131)
Ariana McNeil
(401) 275-1247 Work
(917) 684-2335 Cell
ESGR Program Manager (Room 131)
Brian Lafauci
(401) 275-1246 Work
(401) 533-3991 Cell


Family Program Officer
LTC Diane Basilone
(401) 275-4109



(800) 308-3518

ID Cards (DEERS)
RI ARNG (401) 275-4107 or 275-4163(Joint Forces HQ-SGT Ken Denton) (Tue-Fri 7:30 AM-5:00 PM)
RIANG (401) 267-3270 (143 Force Support Squadron) (Tue & Thu Call for Appointment)
Child Care
National Association of Child Care Resource & Referral Agencies
(703) 341-4100 or http://www.naccrra.org


  Air Force Crossroads
  Defense Commissary Agency (DECA)
  Marine Corps Community Service
  Army Community Service (ACS)
  Army Family Liaison Office (AFLO)
  Defense Task Force on Domestic Violence
  Deployment Health and Family Readiness Library
  Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Military Community and Family
  Military Acclimate (cost of living comparisons)
  Military Assistance Program
  Military Teens on the Move
  Standard Installation Topic Exchange Service (SITES) (worldwide relocation information)
  Employer Support to the Guard and Reserves (ESGR)
  Air Force One Source:
  Army Community Services (Operation Ready)
  Family Program Online Community
  Army Knowledge Online (AKO):
  Army & Airforce Exchange Service (AAFES)
  Military OneSource
  National Guard Child and Youth Program
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