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 Success Stories


SrA William Holder

1. Describe your Military Career:

I joined the Army National Guard in Jan 1995, went to basic at Fort Leonard Wood, MO and AIT (Advance Individual Training) at Fort Jackson, SC. After returning from AIT I was assigned to USPFO where I remained until Oct 2002.

2. Why I joined the Rhode Island Air National Guard and how has it impacted my life?

I joined RIANG because I reached a point in my military career where I was dissatisfied and unhappy and I was on the verge of leaving the military altogether. A few friends of mine had told me about RIANG, they insisted that I look into it before getting out. They said that it different than the Army, better is what they said. Great opportunities, your treated like a person, excellent training and mentorship. So I decided to try it. and I must say I have no regrets. The RIANG has re-ignited the flame, you know the love, desire and passion to wear the uniform, perform my duties and support my fellow members and to continue to be part of a great organization and country.

3. What I like most about my job:

I enjoy helping others and knowing that I played an important part in resolving their issue is a very rewarding feeling. It's a pleasure working with all members of 143 AW Finance department this staff truly is committed to the mission and each other that really makes it a pleasure to come to work.

4. Any specific Rhode Island Air National Guard memories you would like to share:

First impression are truly everlasting and the members of the 143 AW made lasting first impression with me. When coming into a new organization so much is coming at you and there is always so much to learn and do. The RIANG has so many members at all levels to provide guidance and direction. Countless individuals provided me with information on what RIANG had to offer, different avenues available to me for higher education, promotion and self development.




SrA Vanessa Thompson

1. Why I joined the Guard and the impact it has had on my life?

Basically, like every other teenager, I was undecided about what I wanted to do with my life. Due to my financial situation at the time, I had planned on taking a year off from school to figure things out. I ended up talking to a friend from high school that was joining the guard, and she convinced me to talk to a recruiter. I enlisted about a month later. Money was keeping me from going to school, and the guard offered great benefits that would enable me to attend college. College aside, I also have both an uncle and cousin who were enlisted in theMilitary,that have always talked about seeing the world and the experiences that the military provides. The guard has had a great impact on my life because, prior to enrolling I really didn’t know exactly what I was going to do, now I am able to go to college, and am getting to travel with consistency.

2. What I like most about my job?

What I like most about my job is definitely the people; there are many different personalities, which makes coming to the base a whole lot of fun. Another aspect of my job that really keeps me going is the fact that I sit in a mobility position, because of this, I will be going away for Airman Leadership School in January, so that I can support the war on terror overseas in a couple months. I’ll get to see different parts of the world, and will also get the chance to see how the active duty side works.

3. What my future holds with the Air National Guard?

My future in the air National Guard will be to get my twenty years. I hope to travel the world continuously throughout my career and work my way to the top.

4. Any Specific Air National Guard Memories you would like to share.

My favorite memory of the air guard was my annual training in Arizona. This was my first deployment and I had so much fun. I learned a lot and met a bunch of people. I was able to visit Las Vegas, Mexico, and Tombstone.

Success Story by:
SrA Vanessa Thompson
143rd LRS


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