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Rhode Island National Guard Internal Review

 Internal Review

The Internal Review (IR) Division conducts Internal Reviews for the United States Property and Fiscal Officer for Rhode Island (USPFO-RI) and The Adjutant General (TAG). The IR Division also performs other management consulting services as requested.

The IR Division programs, schedules, and conducts comprehensive Internal Reviews of all activities and organizations, programs, systems, and functions within the Rhode Island National Guard (Army and Air). The IR Division recommends solutions to identified shortfalls. The IR Division also provides assistance and advice to the Adjutant General and the USPFO in the application of the Department of the Army Productivity Improvement Program and the Management Control Program (MCP). Additionally, the IR Division provides assistance in developing and implementing management improvements and provides an avenue for the cross-flow of management improvement concepts between all Rhode Island National Guard (RING) activities. The IR Division conducts Follow-Up Internal Reviews to verify that corrective actions, previously agreed to by management, on both internal and external Audit reports, have been accomplished.

Requests or recommendations for Internal Review engagements or other IR support can be made directly to the IR Division.






 Department Contacts

Internal Review Supervisor
Mr Bruce Fletcher
(401) 275-4225